Scalability, Extendibility, Flexibility

DGPP is scalable to larger reservoir volumes and power output or can be extended during lifetime in order to tai-lor power production more effectively to the changing levels of demand. The flexible operation modes allow fast and uncomplicated adjustment of the operational man-agement to closely meet the demands of the market.

Reservoir Characteristics and Power Data of a DGPP

Reservoir Geology      

Granite, Gneiss          

Power collection:        
3DRock Collector™

Reservoir volume (50 year lifetime)               

137 … 350 km³

Reservoir temperature             

250 °C to 350 °C

Collector drifts length             

30 km

Length of collector boreholes             

12’500 km

Usable primary energy            

10 Exajoule 


Geothermal Heat and Power Plant Capacity

Geothermal Base Load          1’000 … 2’500 MW.e
add. Hydropower Peak Load            500 … 1’500 MW.e
Geothermal District heating   1’000 … 2’500


Geothermal Pumped Hydro Storage Power Plant™ 

Pumping operation:   

Continuous Geothermal Pumping™
Annual Energy Output (1’000 / 500 / 1’000 configuration)

Electrical Base Load up to 8.5 TWh.e
Electrical Peak Load  up to 1.2 TWh.e
Heat (District Heating) up to 5


Life cycle production

(50 years Geothermal Power / 100 years Hydro Power and District Heating)

Electrical Base Load: 425 TWh.e
Electrical Peak Load: 120 TWh.e
District Heating: 500

Estimated Production Costs 

Base load energy: 25 … 30 Euro / MWh.e
Peak load energy: 23 … 28 Euro / MWh.e
Process Heat, District Heating: 8 … 10 Euro /